Wednesday, 11 February 2009

More winter fun and games!

The Black Ladders - note: this is a photo from previous years (there is a lot more snow up there at present!!)

Although it seems to be thawing here in Llanberis the high mountain crags don't seem to be affected yet - last night Rob and Rich climbed Western Gully after failing to locate their main objective, Central Gully - what a consolation prize!!

Sam Leary enjoying Western Gully a few years back

In short, we found Western Gully to be in good condition - ice, snow, and turf; however the crux slab was completely dry and thus, for two bumblies like ourselves, quite hard!!

We left the car at 7pm and finally got back home and into bed at 5am - it would suffice to say it took a lot of tea/coffee to get us through work the next day! The lack of sleep was more than made up for by the experience: for those who have never climbed on the Black Ladders, it is a place with enormous sense of scale and has an ambience to rival any Scottish (or even Alpine) cliff - truly magnificent... Western Gully is without doubt one of the best winter routes I have ever climbed, it has interesting features, great moves, and is on a scale unlike many others in Wales.

Al Leary climbing Central Gully on the Black Ladders (the laughably big gully we couldn't find!)

While we're on topic of the snowy stuff here are a few ruthless deals we've got on:

  • DMM Raptor Set - £92 (bargain first time buy)
  • Revolution Ice Screw Set - £85 (for all that fat Welsh ice)
  • Mountain Technology 11cm Ice Screw - £15 (for all that thin Welsh ice!!)
  • Mountain Equipment Mountain Stretch Glove - £30 (Rich and I used these on Western Gully and were very impressed by their performance)

  • Onceagain, anyone looking for up to date information on the conditions give us a call on 01286 870327 or email us at

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