Sunday, 4 July 2010

Gogarth after work...

The last week has been mixed weather in Wales.

However the staff have managed to salvage a good few nights out.
Utilising our newly available camalot size 5 and 6 (available in store and on our website shortly.) Alex headed out to Gogarth with ex staff members Rob and Steve.

The target route being horse above water E3/4 5C.
Route description being!

'Fancy a battle? well, step this way sir'

Immediately intimidated they flipped a coin for whose lead this was going to be.
Alex won...

Below is a pictorial memoir of what happened next:

Alex (not so) eagerly awaiting the starting gun!

Alex performing some gymnastics in the chimney

Alex happy to be in the comfort of the section of chimney with holds.

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable and esoteric route which definately deserves some sort of start rating.

More action soon as Rob prepares himself for the nexts nights trip to Gogarth.

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