Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Trip Report: Costa Blanca Day 2

We thought it apt to start off our Costa Blanca Trip with a visit to Sella - the most extensive area in the region.

Although it has a reputation for polished rock we were, by and large, phenomenally impressed by the general lack of it! Granted, the start of the three star classic 'Marion' is a little worse for wear, but that was probably the worst we encountered.

Looking down pitch 3 of the classic 'Marion'

Sella has a wide selection of climbs throughout the grades, from 4's and 5's all the way up to the high 8's... it would suffice to say that we didn't explore the latter end of the spectrum! Furthermore, it gets a good quantity of both sun and shade so it is an ideal crag for both summer and winter.

Another fantastic looking area we didn't even get to touch - it gets the evening sun and has some 3 star 6 and 7 multi-pitch outings

Here are a few routes we particularly enjoyed:
  • El Gran Coscorron (6a+) - Competition Slab - Fantastic water worn features: thin, technical, and sustained
  • Kashba (6c+) - Techo del Rhio - Not as soft for the grade as they suggest!! Steep and bugly tomfoolery, great fun!
  • El Torronet (5+) - Techo del Rhio - Our first route in Costa Blanca, contained satisfyingly large holds from beginning to end!

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