Thursday, 19 February 2009

Trip Report: Costa Blanca Day 3 and 4

The wild abseil into 'The Magical Mystery Tour' - home of the infamous E10 2a ladders!!!

Had two great days in contrasting environments: yesterday we headed over to the sea cliffs at Sierra de Toix and linked up 'The Magical Mystery Tour' into 'Journey to Xanadu' into 'Rowland's Promised Land' wheras today we were up on the hillside at Puig Campana onceagian going link up crazy with 'Via Julia' - 'Espolon Central' - 'Rowland's Finish' - we are yet to arrive back before the onset of darkness.

Journey to Xanadu/ Rowlands Promised both felt pleasantly adventurous - ample quantities of commitment (there is ALOT of traversing) and guano, coupled with a crux late on in the route make it a memorable outing. Worth mentioning that the main 6b pitch has a few bolts on it (not mentioned in the guidebook) and the double bolt belay now has two resin staples.

Via Julia etc... made for a 3 star outing on a superb mountain. Onceagain on the note of bolts, two have appeared on the 6a pitch on Via Julia (one by a bomber thread) and many of the belays on Espelon Central now have double bolt anchors. Our only criticism to date of the Rockfax Costa Blanca guide is in the vagueness of the description of the descent from Puig Campana, its quite intricate! We made it to the summit thinking we were almost there, but its a good way down to the abseil point and involves a lot more traversing left-wards than suggested.
Anyhow, the plan for the next three days is to climb as much single pitch rock as possible - no sea cliffs, no mountains - we just want some light hearted accessibility!!


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