Wednesday, 13 May 2009

New Products from Beta Climbing Designs and Yates

To add to our ever expanding range of technical products we are proud to announce the arrival of Beta Climbing Design's 'Beta Stick' and a wide range of Yates Screamers.

Beta Sticks are available in three different lengths: compact, ideal for trips abroad as it easily fits into your luggage; standard, the all-rounder; and long, which is perfectly suited to clip those high tidal clips at Lower Pen Trwyn (LPT) on the Orme!
The Beta Stick Technical is the ultimate in terms of weight and size. It is essentially a very snazzy tent pole with the clip stick attachment on the end! The Tech Stick extents to 10ft and comes with its own carry case. Due to the lack of moving parts it is also the most durable stick in Beta's range.

Yates are a highly reputable American brand renowned for their big wall equipment. Currently only a few select items are being imported into the UK but in time we hope that will change. For now you'll have to make to with their extensive range of screamers, heres a quick breakdown of their core range:
  • Yates Standard Screamer - The all-round shock absorbing quickdraw - will reduce system load from between 3-4kN
  • Yates Screamer Shorty - Exactly the same as the standard but in a smaller package
  • Yates Screamer Zipper - This is the really impressive one and the ace up the sleeve when things are looking ugly! The Zipper will reduce system load from between 4-8kN, thus it is ideally suited as a first piece of gear above a marginal belay (i.e. bad news)

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