Saturday, 19 September 2009

DMM Spectre Quickdraw Special Offer

Due to the forthcoming release of the Spectre II Quickdraw next Spring we've managed to get a load of the existing stock at a special price:

DMM Spectre Quickdraw 12cm £15.00 to £12.50
DMM Spectre Quickdraw 18cm £15.50 to £13.00
DMM Spectre Quickdraw 25cm £16.00 to £13.50
Special Deal 5 for £59.00

The Spectres have been a favourite amongst members of staff ever since their release. Being a lightweight wiregate they are phenomenally versatile - I've personally used them for just about every type of climbing possible: trad, sport, winter, alpine... only exception I can think of is bouldering!!

George Ulrich and James Marjot carrying lots of gear after aid climbing The Black Cleft on Cloggy. If you're going to carry a lot, you'd be better off investing in some lightweight kit to make the whole experience a little easier!

But there are lots of lightweight wiregates out there, what makes the DMM Spectre so special?

Firstly, it has an impressive 10kN open gate strength. Compare this with its competitors and you'll notice the difference. Combined with a subtly snubbed nose it gives the feeling of confidence and security that when you clip your rope in ITS STAYING IN!!

Mat Burdekin sorting out the uber-rack in Camp 4 prior to climbing the Nose, El Capitan

Obviously the actual weight is worth mentioning: a meagre 76g. Made possible by DMM's innovative i-beam extrusion, a process that reduces weight while increasing the overall strength.

However, one of the major selling points of DMM is that they are one of the few brands sticking to their guns with regards to keeping manufacturing here in the UK (well... Llanberis to be precise) and we all believe that counts for a lot.

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