Thursday, 3 December 2009

Clogwyn Y Person Arete

Easy come easy go!

Well the weather appears to be back to normal in North Wales (WET!)

On Monday this week Rob, Chris, Becky and myself all appeared to have the day off.
So in hope that the snow would stick around a little longer we all headed for a social trip to Porth Ysgo, a classically finger thrashing bouldering venue on the Lleyn Peninsula.

For more information on Porth Ysgo and bouldering in general check out the North Wales Bouldering guide and

Only after returning did we discover how bad the weather was planning to turn.
So never to be disheartened Rob decided we should head out after work for a night time mission.

We eventually ended up on the Clogwyn Y Person Arete II/III.
(Rob's opinion III 4)
Although not in the greatest of condition the route still involved some enjoyable mixed ground and an exceptionally enjoyable squeeze through a small hole behind a hanging chock.

After topping out we had a very nice walk back down the Llanberis path passing the infamous black spot, where last year many people had unfortunate accidents. We arrived home at 2am and were back in action for a 9am start at work the next day!!

We have already spoken to people in the shop this year who have experienced some manner of misadventure on Snowdon.

It definatly can't be said enough that Snowdon isn't the same in winter as in summer.
Crampons and Ice Axes are definatly required.

As for now it's back to the rain, but hopefully soon enough we'll all be back out enjoying the Winter.


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