Saturday, 23 January 2010

Dry Tooling At The Beacon

Never to be disheartened, the Joe Browns team has begun the first of many wet weather alternatives.

With the coming of the rain, we await the refreeze with baited breath. In the mean time we have had the first evening of the year at the new dry tooling sessions at the Beacon climbing centre.
This popular event has so far been a great success. Much of the feedback being that people are becoming more confident with outdoor routing.

For us this meant a chance to test out every pair of axes we could get our hands on.

Becky can be seen in the above photo demonstrating the fine Black Diamond Viper Axes.
As she has just purchased some herself this gave her an opportunity to really see how they performed. Needless to say she was very impressed!!

Here Helena is stepping up with her old faithfuls, The DMM Rebels to show us how dry tooling is really done. The Rebels being very light and very strong lend themselves very well to UK use. These are a great axes for those who find themselves climbing with finesse and composure rather than just brute force.

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