Thursday, 18 March 2010

Dragons Arrive in Wales Again!

Dragons have always been key in Welsh mythology, symbolism and patriotism and so it seems fitting that DMM should chose such a name for a new product that will now be at the centre of their impressive array of climbing hardwear.
There are many local legends of Dragons, and while these particular beasts may not make it quite so far into the history books, DMM's new camming devices will certainly turn some heads (and hopefully not send people running!). They are the first twin-axle design outside of the Black Diamond factory and our local world-class climbing manufacturer have made some of their own little adjustments.

As with the Torque Nuts, the new cams feature an adjustable sling design, as well as being their first single stem unit, being hot forged in the factory in Llanberis and stay true to the original camming angle of 13.75.

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