Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Boys Hit El Chorro - Day 1

Well we are finally here - after a 6 Day Stretch at Joe Brown then straight on a train to Runcorn , staying with our good friends Nic and Nolan and a fair amount of wine, then up early at 4am to catch a taxi to Liverpool Airport to catch the 6.50 flight to Malaga - which I managed to make this time (unlike the last trip to Granada - where I missed my flight on the way out, got my luggage stolen on the way back and then got pulled by customs at the Airport). Arrived at Malaga 10.40 then on a train to Alora and then finally to El Chorro.

ALRIGHT - We are staying at the Olive Branch - (http://www.olivebranchelchorro.co.uk) in the capable hands of Mel and Gary !!! - This place is amazing see the pictures !!!

View from Our Room

and we are so damn close to the crags (Las Encantadas) - 100 Metres away

And the pool :-

Stay Tuned for more news on climbing and how we get on - Saw the Gorge for the first time today looks sweet.

Peace Love Unity Respect Guys and to all my buddies working at Joe's - Guess what the Fatman will climb

Miss you all but this place is amazing

Love & light
Stefano :)


Pete said...

Dude, sounds like you're enjoying it, just gotta relax now! Chris, make sure you drag him up some rocks, i can see him just lounging in the pool and enjoy guys!

Stefano Ghazzali said...

Harsh but fair see todays post for what we got up too x