Thursday, 6 May 2010

El Chorro - Day 3 -Frontales - Solarium and Sector Austria

Well again after a heavy night - including the arrival of the third person(Kitch), representing the Spanish and New Zealand members of the team, we went to a new area Frontales - Solarium and Sector Austria to climb was fun.

First night helping Gary take down the concrete beams for the pool decking :-

The decking the next day :-

Me enjoying the pool yesterday:-

We got up early about 7am and then left for about 8.30 after managing to awake Kitch !!!!

We walked to Sector Austria first about 30 minutes on nice paths from the Olive Branch and Chris led 'Frinkastinker (4)' which was ok but I was tired from the night before and felt the climbing poor, next on the list was originally the two pitch 'Nitti(5+,5+)' that turned into a 6 pitch 5+,5+,6a,5+,5+,6a route which was nice, Chris and Kitty took it in alternating leads, and as usual I ended up seconding which was cool.

Me belaying :-

I failed to do the last pitch but we all ab'd off and had some lunch, the plan next was to go to The Solarium to do 2 more 5+'s, Our route finding was not so good and Chris ended up attempting a 6a+ instead and ended up retreating, we then decided to do a route called 'Edelweiss (4)' which Kitty lead and Chris Seconded, at this point Martin turned up from the Olive Branch - the local climber - and led the 6a which Chris then seconded easily (The route was bolted badly - and I reckon we will go back so Chris can lead clean)

Martin then went on to lead a few more 6b's and then we called it a day and came back to the Branch to chill.

A good day climbing but I lost my head - looking back nice harder climbing that yesterday for me but did not enjoy it at the time - the others did and the weather was ace so all in all a good day.

Martin Climbing :-

Who knows what tomorrow will bring our fourth member Mirela turns up tomorrow from Granada representing Poland and Spain so more climbing fun to be had so stay tuned.

Time for a beer and some serious chilling
Love & light
Stefano :)

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