Friday, 7 May 2010

El Chorro Day 4 - Camino del Rey & Los Cotos

Well we all overslept and had a late start today at around 10 - we'd not made any plans the night before and seeing as the weather was hot we decided to go and do the Camino del Rey and seeing as it was on the way to Los Cotos we all thought it was a good idea.

We descended from the Olive Branch to the start of the Gorge at El Chorro.

We got our harness's on and did the first Via Ferrata pitch which was fantastic,

Kitty on the first Via Ferrata pitch:-

Me on the same pitch:-

The rest of the Camino Del Rey was fantastic and the views were spectacular, it was not scary at all but a fantastic way to view all the splendors of the Gorge.

View from the walkway:-

It was a lot of fun as you can see from the expression on my face :-

We then finished the walkway and descended down into Los Cotos by crossing the river where we stopped for some lunch check out the view :-

By the time we got to Los Cotos it was boiling and I could not be bothered to climb, we went to Cotos Medios and Kitty and Chris both lead the classic Top fifty route 'Number One (4+)' which I then seconded. Chris and Kitty both went on to lead 'Alucinosis (5)' and 'Cursillos (5)' while I lounged in the sun which was cool !!!

We then thought seeing as it was around 5 that we better head back - we were tempted to go through the tunnels but seeing as the weather was nice we decided to take the legal option on crossing the river again and heading back up into the Gorge to do the Camino Del Rey in Reverse which was very fun again. Then stopped for a beer at the campsite bar before heading back up to the Olive Branch.

Our 4th member Mirela had arrived and Kitty,Chris and her went to get some food while I posted this blog !!!

Right its now officially chilling time so I am off for a beer and maybe some wine - More climbing tomorrow as our 5th member Matt turns up at midnight tonight with a Car so maybe to Crags further afield. Stay tuned for more

Stefano :)


Pete said...

Where's Chris? There's no photos of the "Ballerina on Rock!"
Hugs mate, kelster x said...

good point guys. Obviously chris didn't make the cut! boo! we still love you chris!

Stefano Ghazzali said...

Chris has been taking the pics expect to see some more of him in later posts we got a lot coming from Matt