Saturday, 8 May 2010

El Chorro Day 5 - Escalera Arabe again !!!

Well a bit of a late start today at around 9am but the group had reached its full size, with Matt Barnes getting in at around 3.30 am and Mirela also being with us.

No Pictures today my friends as am blogging from a mates machine because my Mac refused to connect !!!

We were lazy and drove up to Arabe rather than walking this meant we were at the crag in 10 minutes rather than 40. We then walked to Sector Sergio and then Mirela,Chris,Matt and Kitty all lead the following :-

1) La Raya a la izquierda (4+)
2) Solo Afeitar (6a)
3) Sergio y Antonio (6a)
4) Blobby Left (6a+)

And I second'ed these easy man the climbing was fantastic and I was finally really enjoying El Chorro and Climbing.

Matt,Kitty and Mirela also led 'Yo y mi resaca (5+)' which me and Chris had done oon our first day.

We then went on to Sector Suiza.

We then chilled for a bit of lunch at around 3pm and then Martin from the Olive Branch turned up and solo'ed a few 5 +'s and led some 6a's and 6b's.

Kitty,Chris,Mirela and Matt then went on to lead :-
1)Con Leche(5+)
2)Highway to Africa Pitch 1 (5+)

which I seconded comfortably - what a top day climbing looking forward to tomorrow and who even knows might get on a lead tomorrow

Ciao 4 now
Love & light

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