Sunday, 9 May 2010

El Chorro - Day 5 - RAIN RAIN RAIN - Frontales - Sector Castrojo

Well we all got up late today and no pictures again as Matt has not edited them yet !!!!

But we awoke to rain rain and more rain so we chilled at the Olive Branch playing pool me getting beaten by Gary guess its best out of 30 now !!!!

But at 2 the sun came out so we went to Frontales in Sector Castrojo, which was fantastic - the whole team was there Martin,Matt,Kitch,Mirela and Chirs, oh and of course myself as usual I did not lead but Chris lead the following :-

1)Luna (3 Star 28m 6a+)
2)Big Fun (2 Star 30m 6a+)
3)Un monton de chatarra (Top 50 6a 35m)

I was so impressed with myself I managed to seconded all of them worked me hard but that was ace.

Kitch and Mirela and Matt also led all of these.

Then Martin led the classic Little Brown Baby (28m 3 Star 7a+) and Matt followed him, then the boy Chris the Wee Man - Flashed the route on a second - so he will have to go back to lead it.

Then we packed up and Kitch and Mirela left for Granada (Miss you loads Kitch) and Matt left back for London - so just the Llanberis crew for the rest of the trip!!!

Stay tuned for further updates
Love & light
Stefano :) xxxx


Mirela said...

thak you so much for a grest weekend, guys!!!

Stefano Ghazzali said...

You Welcome hun - Was ace to see you also ;)