Monday, 10 May 2010

El Chorro Day 6 - Frontales - Los Albercones & Las Encantadas

Well again a heavy night - Kitch and Mirela had left for Granada and Matt had gone back to London - Unfortunately his plane was delayed Gutted bro - But yesterday was a fantastic day but I over did it and we ended up getting up Spanish Style around mid day - there was a bit of rain in the morning but we slept through that so it did not really matter.

We walked down to Frontales and the Los Albercones area

Chris went on to lead the following :-
1) Putifero (Top 50 5+ 30m)
2) Gabi (3 Star 6a 30m)
3) La chica pelirroja (2 Star 6a+ 28m)
4) El virgo de vicentela (2 Star 6b+ 30m)

Well to be honest I was totally knackered from the previous day and attempted to follow Chris up the 5+

Me and Chris at the Start :-

Me attempting the 5+

Well I failed and fell a few times and decided that I needed to have a rest day so ended up just being Belay buddy for Chris (Matt - see you go and my climbing goes to pants )

Chris easily led the remaining routes and here are some shots of him leading the 6b+

And further up the route :-

Martin then turned up and flashed a few 7a's then we went to Las Encantades to retrieve some old draws of a 7a+ route (when I say we I mean Martin and Chris ( I was on my rest day of course otherwise I would of gone up hahaha)

Then back to the Olive Branch for Chill time and hopefully I will climb better tomorrow
Love & light
Stefano :) xx

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