Tuesday, 11 May 2010

El Chorro - Day 7 - RAIN RAIN RAIN - Frontales - Sector Castrojo

Well the boys got up late again to RAIN RAIN and more RAIN. So we spent most of the day chilling in the Olive Branch, me getting beaten by Gary at Pool and chilling with Martin and Chris.

Second to last day here and no climbing gutted but as usual the sun came out a 4pm and Martin's mate Marcus turned up from the climbing lodge up the road from the Olive Branch.

We got in the car and went down to El Chorro Village to Frontales and back to Sector Castrojo.

Chris got on the lead straight away and led:-
1)Slipped In (1 Star 11m 5)
2)But One (1 Star 11m 5)

I managed to follow Chris up both these routes then we watched Marcus Bolt a New Line In between Luna and Luna Llena. Marcus went on to 1 ascent his new 6c route 5 minutes after bolting it.

Martin was quick for the second ascent :-

Next the Wee Man Chris got on the lead and went for Little Brown Baby (3 Star 28m 7a+) see the pics below:-

Further up the climb :-

And finally on the descent:-


Well its our last day tomorrow unless the volcanic ash keeps us here for a while (Oh that would be nice!!!!)

Stay Tuned and Video's will be on YouTube soon.

Love & light
Stefano :) xxx

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