Wednesday, 12 May 2010

El Chorro - Day 8 - The last day

Well its our last day in El Chorro and we decided to have a rest day which involved playing pool with Gary and Chilling with Martin, Unfortunately the flights are back on so we will be back in Blighty tomorrow.

We went to the El Chorro Campsite for some Lunch and to catch up with Fali (A climber who lives in the caves cool)

El Chorro is an amazing place and is totally accessible without a car, I would totally recommend it to any climber whatever grade your are climbing at.

Most of the Crags are in walking distance and the people are really friendly.

Check out the local wildlife :-

Finally I would like to thank Martin (The local climbing expert) for his advice on where to go and what to climb and also Gary and Mel at the Olive Branch.

I cannot recommend this place enough, Gary and Mel are really friendly, the setting is amazing, the rooms are good with a variety of accommodation available from en-suite,bunk and camping. A really nice kitchen to cook in and a very chilled vibe with a mixture of people from many different countries.

Well El Chorro we bid you farewell for the moment and hope to be back very soon as we have only touched the tip of the iceberg - we went to about 8 different crags but there is so much more to explore.

Now to chill for a bit before starting our long journey back to Llanberis where we are due to arrive at 8am just enough time to grab a shower before heading into work.

I will miss this view:-

Not much more to say apart from Gary will beat you next time at pool
Love & light
Stefano :)

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