Friday, 4 February 2011

New kit for the New Year

And so, as we wait for it to cool down, or warm up, the natural thing is to start planning your trips for the year! There's not a lot happening round here at the moment, with several wet days to every dry one, and no ice to suffer our way up either. As such, Joe Browns is currently staffed buy people with their noses in guidebooks...

Thankfully, just in case the weather began to get us down too much, we're in the process of getting some of the new kit for the new season in too! There's nothing better to build some psyche than some snazzy new kit...

Jon and myself are currently feeling the bouldering bug quite badly, after trying our hand at the Aggregate competition at the Beacon; our local climbing wall. (For those unaware of aggregate competitions, new problems are set and stripped each week, and you simply tick them off as you get them, while desperately trying to get them all before they come down again...) We were scouring cheap flights to all sorts of sunny destinations before eventually deciding on... Switzerland. The venues of Cresciano and Magic Wood have become world famous, and we thought it was time to go check it out.

Two days later, we had a delivery from Five Ten: the new Anasazi Arrowhead. Massively downturned, it'll be ideal for the steep granite boulders we're heading out to see, and the Stealth rubber will almost certainly help us by sticking a bit more!

Chris on the other hand has been sticking to his Sport climbing, and looking into a trip to Antalya. If he wasn't super-psyched before, the small package that came through the door yesterday will help: the revamped Petzl Grigri 2. I used one at the wall last night, and the really have improved it. Sleeker, smaller, lighter, this new take on a classic design performs much smoother than it's predecessor, taking a full range of single ropes from 8.9mm to 11mm. It really is noticably nicer to use (and comes in a rather fetching orange...).

So there you go. More new kit for 2011 is sure to arrive soon enough, assuming we're not all away playing with it!

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